Mission Statement

Our Mission

Mid Dorset Primary Healthcare Ltd the employing agency for Mid Dorset Primary Care Network will both provide patients with professional, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services in partnership with Mid Dorset GP practices, that are trusted by patients and the wider community.

Patients will be placed at the centre of their care by listening to their views and needs.

Our Vision

  • To provide the best possible outcomes for our patients in a safe, welcoming environments, in their own homes or within Mid Dorset residential care
  • Patients will always be treated with respect and dignity by well-trained clinical and non-clinical members of the team
  • We will aim to be at the forefront of modern general practice in offering a wide range of through locality partnership working
  • Our directors and management team will be supportive to each other and encourage learning
  • We aim to use technology to efficiency in our administration systems and where possible to improve communication and patient contact, whilst remaining supportive to patients who cannot access technology
  • We will continue to invest in our staff training in order to help them reach their full potential and to develop and maintain a highly skilled and resilient and adaptable workforce meeting the needs of patient and providing continuity of care
  • We will continue to develop and maintain effective working practices with all stakeholder agencies

Our Values

  • We are accountable and take responsibility for our actions
  • We will be open, honest, and transparent and abide by our Duty of Candour responsibilities
  • We will be fair in the way that we deal with all patients, staff and partners.
  • We will demonstrate courtesy, compassion and understanding
  • We will value each person as an individual
  • We are professional and always strive to achieve high levels of medical care for Mid Dorset patients.
  • We are responsive to needs of patients, their families, and our communities and partners
  • We are innovative and will always look to improve through education, learning and teaching
  • We are caring and will always put Mid Dorset patients at the centre of what we do
  • We celebrate diversity and provide equality opportunities for all without discrimination