Care Co-Ordinators

The PCN Care Co-ordinator Service

Care Coordinators serve as a link between patients and clinical teams, focusing on proactive prevention, management, and monitoring of long-term health conditions such as diabetes, COPD, and frailty. They collaborate closely with the clinical team and Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) to identify and address health and wellbeing issues affecting our patients, and explore what actions the surgeries and community can take as a result. 

The role of a Care Coordinator varies by practice. Some work directly with individual patients, helping them navigate and access healthcare and support. This might include working with the surgery’s carers, providing support and guidance to newly diagnosed individuals, or referring patients to various teams and organisations to help them live well for longer.

How can a Care Co-ordinator help you?

Although the role varies from surgery to surgery, the work Care Co-ordinators do can include mapping pathways and typing policies for nurses, offering support to newly diagnosed cancer patients, and assisting those with complex needs involving social services and clinicians. They may handle carer registration and related issues, conduct health checks for individuals with learning disabilities and severe mental illnesses (SMI), and manage certain aspects of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF). Additionally, Care Coordinators may chair and minute multi-disciplinary meetings, perform coding and generate reports, and ensure safeguarding measures are in place. They also make phone calls to families with new babies and oversee frailty care plan reviews.

Through these behind-the-scenes efforts, Care Coordinators significantly improve the health and wellbeing of patients.

Who can see the Care Co-ordinators?

We currently have Care Co-ordinators at the following GP practices:

  • Puddletown Surgery
  • Cerne Abbas Surgery
  • Milton Abbas Surgery
  • Portesham Surgery
  • Atrium Health Centre

The PCN Care Co-ordinator team

Atrium Health Centre 

Naomi Davidson

  Jodie Watts
Cerne Abbas Val Joyce
Milton Abbas  Kim Legg
Portesham Mel Staple
POW Jacqueline Gibson
Puddletown Holly Eastment
  Kate Trevett